JavaScript for Gurus

Ockert J. du Preez

SKU: 9789389423679


ISBN: 9789389423655
eISBN: 9789389423679
Authors: Ockert J. du Preez
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: February 2020
Pages: 278
Dimension: 7.50x 9.25
Book Type: Paperback

From Start To Finish, This Book Will Cover All The Intricacies Of The Javascript Language! You Will Get An Overview Of All The Statements, Functions, And Operators. Then You Will Learn The Fun Stuff Which Includes: Classes, Prototypes, Promises, And Generators. You Will Learn About Arrays And How To Make Your Scripts Achieve Logic In Your Scripts. Lastly, You Will Learn How To Combine Javascript With Other Languages.

Step-by-step Guide On Becoming A Javascript Guru

Key Features

  • The history and installation of Python
  • Python types and constructs
  • The Nuts and Bolts
  • Structuring your Python projects
  • Object-oriented programming with Python
  • Advanced manipulations
  • File input and output
  • Imports and Exports
  • Miscellaneous
  • Not re-inventing the wheel
  • Tips and Tricks

What Will You Learn
By The End Of This Book, You Will Be Able To Create Basic And Advanced Web Applications. You Will Be Able To Structure Your Web Pages And Its Data Into Proper Objects And Classes And Make Use Of Them Productively.

Who This Book Is For
People Who Are New To Software Development And Want To Learn Javascript Will Find This Book Useful. This Book Can Also Be Used By Javascript Users For A Quick Reference For The Fundamentals And New Features.

  1. Overview of the power of JavaScript and its purpose
  2. JavaScript Objects
  3. JavaScript Statements
  4. JavaScript Operators
  5. JavaScript Functions
  6. Classes
  7. Prototypes
  8. Properties
  9. Promises
  10. Generators
  11. Modules
  12. Variables
  13. Control-flow statements
  14. Loops
  15. Code Quality
  16. Arrays
  17. Regular Expressions
  18. Partials and Currying
  19. JavaScript and Other Languages
Ockert du Preez started learning programming. He is a self-taught developer. He has written several articles over the years detailing his programming quests and adventures.
He is a former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for .NET (2008 - 2017), ex moderator article reviewer, and current article writer for CodeGuru,, DevX and Database Journal.
His Visual Studio 2019 book:
His Blog:
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