Building Websites with Django

Awanish Ranjan

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ISBN: 9789389328288
eISBN: 9789389328295
Authors: Awanish Ranjan
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: February 2021
Pages: 242
Dimension: 7.50 x 9.25
Book Type: Paperback

‘Building Websites with Django’ book teaches readers to develop their high-quality, feature-rich website by learning Django and its various tools. You will learn the best techniques to develop a dynamic website, right from scratch. This book focuses not only on just creating a particular application but rather develops a strong understanding of theoretical concepts with rich examples. You will learn to troubleshoot errors, develop navigation panels and add advanced functionalities like deploying on heroku server. You will read about models, templates, different types of views. You will learn to create apps and learn how to integrate different apps. 

By the end of this book, You will create a project from scratch and will deploy it as a public website by yourself.


A beginner’s guide that will help you get familiar with Django for web development.


  • Learn to build websites with a strong blend of concepts and practical learning.
  • Set up your public website with advanced functionalities from scratch.
  • Explore Django architecture, components, navigation panel and templates.


  • Create a Django project from scratch and deploy them as a public website. 
  • Work with Django components such as Model, View, and Template.
  • Interact with the database using Query Sets.
  • Deploy your Django application for free on Heroku.
  • Learn how to use Django’s built-in authentication and authorization module effectively.


This book is for early entrepreneurs, beginners, software professionals, bloggers and hobbyists who want to create their online presence on their own without having any prior technical knowledge about web tools.

  1. Introduction to Django
  2. An Overview of the MTV Architecture
  3. Understanding Django Settings
  4. Django Admin Utility
  5. Interacting with the Database using Query Sets
  6. Enhancing your Project
  7. Understanding Models
  8. Django Views
  9. Django Templates
  10. URL and Regex
  11. Forms in Django
  12. Setting up a Project
  13. The Account app
  14. The Genre app
  15. The Post app
  16. Deploying the Website

After completing his engineering in 2015, Awanish started working with one of the largest IT companies.

He began with scripting and then developed ETL tools and web applications using Django. He is now working on a Content Management System based on Django CMS.

In his free time, Awanish delivers guest lectures at training institutes and develops training videos for e-learning sites.

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