Building Modern GUIs with tkinter and Python

Saurabh Chandrakar, Dr. Nilesh Bhaskarrao Bahadure

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ISBN: 9789355518569
eISBN: 9789355518576
Authors: Saurabh Chandrakar, Dr. Nilesh Bhaskarrao Bahadure
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 28th Jun 2023
Pages: 364
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Are you looking to create stunning graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using Python? Look no further. This comprehensive guide will take you on a journey through the powerful capabilities of tkinter, Python's standard GUI library.

This comprehensive guide explores the power of Python's tkinter library. This book covers various classes of GUI widgets, including buttons, input fields, displays, containers, and item widgets. It teaches you how to create interactive and visually appealing user interfaces, handle file selection, gather widget information, and trace changes. Additionally, it includes a hands-on project on creating a user login system using tkinter and sqlite3 database. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, this book will empower you to build professional and intuitive GUI applications effortlessly.

By the end of the book, you will have gained knowledge and skills in creating modern user interfaces using the tkinter Python library.


  • Explore the art of presenting information effectively using display widgets like labels, text boxes, images, and buttons.
  • Delve into advanced topics like working with images, canvas drawing, database interactions, and handling multiple windows.
  • Develop the skills to build professional and user-friendly GUI applications, regardless of your level of experience.


  • Gain a solid understanding of the various classes for GUI widgets in tkinter.
  • Learn how to create dynamic and interactive buttons that respond to user input and perform actions.
  • Explore different layout management options in tkinter.
  • Discover how to create dialogs and message boxes using the tkinter library.
  • Learn how to use trace mechanisms to monitor and respond to changes in your GUI applications.


This book is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including engineering and science students at the diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. It also caters to programming and software professionals, as well as students in grades 8 to 12 studying under CBSE or state boards. Additionally, GUI and .Net engineers will find value in the book's content.

  1. tkinter Introduction
  2. Inbuilt Variable Classes for Python tkinter GUI Widgets
  3. Getting Insights of Button Widgets in tkinter
  4. Getting Insights of Input Widgets in tkinter
  5. Getting Insights of Display Widgets in tkinter
  6. Getting Insights of Container Widgets in tkinter
  7. Getting Insights of Item Widgets in tkinter
  8. Getting Insights of tkinter User Interactive Widgets
  9. Handling File Selection in tkinter
  10. Getting Widget Information and Trace in tkinter
  11. UserLogin Project in tkinter GUI Library with sqlite3 Database

Saurabh Chandrakar is a Research & Development Engineer (Dy. Manager) at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) Hyderabad. He is the winner of the best executive award on Operations Division by BHEL Hyderabad. Recently, he has been awarded the prestigious BHEL Excellence Award under Anusandhan category for Redundant Composite Monitoring System of Power Transformers project. He has 20 copyrights and 1 patent granted. Additionally, he has 6 patents filed. Moreover, he has published 3 books in reputed publications such as BPB New Delhi (Programming Techniques using Python), Scitech Publications Chennai (Programming Techniques using matlab) and IK International publishers (Microcontrollers and Embedded System Design). He has also launched 1 video course on BPB titled “First Time Play with Basic, Advanced Python concepts and complete guide for different python certification exams all in one umbrella.”

Nilesh Bhaskarrao Bahadure received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics Engineering in 2000, his Master of Engineering degree in Digital Electronics in 2005, and the Ph.D. degree in Electronics in 2017 from KIIT Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, India. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT), Nagpur, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) (SIU), Pune, Maharashtra, India. He has more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Bahadure is a life member of IE(I), IETE, ISTE, ISCA, SESI, ISRS, and IAENG professional organizations. He has published more than 40 articles in reputed international journals and conferences, and has 5 books to his credit. He is the reviewer of many indexed journals such as IEEE Access, IET, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley and so on. His research interests are in the areas of Sensor Technology, the Internet of Things, and Biomedical Image Processing.

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