Blockchain QuickStart Guide

Dr. Kalpesh Parikh, Amit Johri

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Authors: Dr. Kalpesh Parikh, Amit Johri
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Publishing Date: March2022
Pages: 246
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Adopt distributed technology to deliver immutable data ownership solutions


  • Understand how Blockchain is the backbone of bitcoin and smart contracts.
  • Complete coverage across distributed systems, blockchain frameworks, smart contracts and wallet.
  • Includes use-cases and current trends on the adoption of blockchain across different business models.


This book is about developing a comprehensive understanding of blockchain, how it works and can benefit the functioning of the organization. This book exposes you to blockchain technology and illustrates how to leverage it to create value.

First, you should have a working grasp of cryptography, cypher modes, digital signatures, and digital certificates, all of which are thoroughly covered in the first chapter of this book. By gradually introducing you to Distributed Ledger Technology, you can start understanding blockchain. After that, you'll become acquainted with fundamental blockchain concepts like consensus models, algorithms, and procedures. You'll learn about blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric that enable the development of DApps, DeFi applications, and systems driven by blockchains. Additionally, concepts such as smart contracts, the Ethereum virtual machine, accounts, wallets, GAS, and mining are explained briefly and simplified. The book analyses current blockchain developments, various blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platforms and helps you to gain a better grasp of the technology.

Throughout the book, you will understand multiple blockchain principles, procedures, tools, and platforms required to begin developing blockchain-based business networks.


  • Acquaint yourself with the blockchain's application cases and primary benefits.
  • Consensus models, distributed networks, and cryptography techniques are well-understood.
  • Recognize how smart contracts and cryptocurrencies work.
  • Familiarize yourself with the HyperLedger Fabric and Ethereum.
  • Examine the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, platform, user interfaces, infrastructure, and network.


This book is intended for prospective blockchain developers, technical consultants, and anybody who is interested in learning and exploring the principles of blockchain technology, including the distributed systems, networking, cryptography, and smart contracts. Having prior knowledge around IT systems would be preferred.

  1. Cryptography – The Basics
  2. Understanding Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain
  3. Consensus Models in Blockchain
  4. Cryptocurrency
  5. Ethereum, Smart Contract, and dApps
  6. Hyperledger Fabric
  7. Blockchain Trends

Dr. Kalpesh Parikh is a Ph.D in Computer and Information Science with 40 years of Enterprise and IT experience (Blending Technology, Process & Domain). The roles performed by him include IT Consultant, Solution Architect, Project/Product/Process Director, Head – Software Development, Lead Appraiser – Information Security. In Academic he has played the role of Director Computer Center and Head Computer Science department in a university, Additional Director of an engineering college and Pro-Vice Chancellor of a university He has Technology Practicing and Consulting, Governance and Process Consulting, Productisation Consultancy, Data Consulting, Education and Research experience.  

He has authored IT article series in The Times of India – Education Times, and the latest Enterprise Reincarnation, has delivered sessions on Quality in Research, Next Generation Technology, AI, Blockchain, Serverless Computing, Microservice Architecture.

His association is with several universities/colleges/institutions and is invited as an Expert by AICTE, UGC, INFLIBNET, GTU, Government of Gujarat, GIL, CED, iNDEXTb, ICAI, ICMA, ISACA.

LinkedIn Profile: Dr. Kalpesh Parikh

Amit Johri had a brilliant academic career with qualifications in Business Administration, Commerce including Business Administration, Computer Management, Law and Educational Management.

He is a Senior Life Member of the CSI, Member of the IEEE, USA, Life Member of IIPA, New Delhi and Member of BMA.

A Systems professional by education, he ventured into Computer System and Software Education, Training and Consulting in 1985, as a career, starting his company CSC Knowledge Systems being pioneers in the field of Computer Education & Training.

He has authored several books on Computing / Systems / IT / Management / Business Administration.

He is a Professor, Mentor, Project Guide, Examiner for Diploma / UnderGraduate / Graduate / PostGraduate programs in Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Applications, IT, BioInformatics, Management, Business Administration.    

His Technology Practicing, Research and Consulting profile includes Distributed Ledger Technology with Ethereum, Cloud Computing, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business and Big Data Analytics, Application Development, RDBMSs, Software Engineering, Core Programming Languages.

He has been Panelist, Chair, Speaker, Editorial Member, and Tutorial Presenter at various forums. He is an Academician and Industry Expert with over three decades of experience, 50+ book publications and a large number of students mentored by him.  

LinkedIn Profile: Amit Johri

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