Bitcoin Blockchain

Kapil Jain

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Authors: Kapil Jain
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Publishing Date: August 2020
Pages: 358
Book Type: Paperback
In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto released a codebase and whitepaper for a network that came to be known as the Blockchain. It was the first successful attempt to create electronic money after decades of failed attempts across the world. However the basis of its success is not just the digitalization of currency into electronic form but its peer-to-peer node network and the public storage of all transactions in time-stamped blocks chained together called as Timechain in the whitepaper. It also introduces a non-trusted third party transaction processor which replaces the current centralized trust-based systems. What happened next is history and today it is a multi-billion dollar industry across the world. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision Blockchain restored the original version of the Bitcoin protocol and it is now a thriving developer business and enterprise ecosystem.

This book offers a practical deep dive into every aspect of the Bitcoin protocol. It includes the math behind the Cryptography and a detailed overview of the application-level protocol which works on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain network. It also focuses on the core principles and fundamental concepts of Bitcoin to explain the constructs of a Blockchain type system.

Learning Bitcoin SV: The Original Bitcoin & Global Public Blockchain for Enterprise

Key Features
  • Get familiar with the working of the Bitcoin network protocol transactions Smart contracts and the incentive models of Bitcoin.
  • Learn advanced concepts such as Metanet and Tokenized protocol.
  • Work with tools and utilities to build consumer and enterprise applications.
  • Get a full explanation of cryptography and its math in Bitcoin.
What WIll You Learn
  • You will learn the internal workings of Bitcoin and get the ability to understand most blockchains that exist.
  • Create applications using bitcoin as a public registry and a data storage ledger.
  • Create and store data on Blockchain as DAG.
  • Discover and get familiar with the advanced Application layer protocols.
  • Get familiar with the law and regulations applicable to Bitcoin.
Who This Book is For
This book is for anyone who is interested in exploring blockchain technology. It will appeal to Developers Architects Technology Managers and Executives who wish to build new or transform their existing applications to a blockchain based system to gain efficiencies in Cost Scalability Security and Robustness.
  1. Bitcoin Protocol Overview : Origins and Concept
  2. Economic model of Bitcoin and network structure for nodes
  3. Cryptography and ECDSA Infrastructure
  4. All about wallets
  5. Transactions and Transaction Scripts
  6. Miners and Nakamoto Consensus
  7. Metanet Protocol : Data Structures on Blockchain
  8. Bitcom and Other Application Protocols
  9. Data Carrier Transactions : BitDB and Querying bitcoin as database
  10. Planaria and other utilities
  11. Real world Applications
  12. Identity and Authentication on BitCoin : Paymail
  13. Tokens and the Tokenized protocol for building real world utilities
  14. Going into future : AI/ML Big Data IOT
  15. BitCoin and Law

Kapil Jain is a technology professional working in the IT departments of large US and European organizations working in the Banking and Financial industry. He has done his engineering degree from Sri GS institute of technology and sciences Indore and has played the role of programmer business analyst architect project and program manager over the 18 years of his experience in the industry. He continues to work in his professional capacity for a global bank’s core payment department.

He comes from a wealth of experience in Financial applications built on Mainframes and works to modernize those applications using Microsoft and Java-based tech stacks cloud infrastructure including building serverless applications. He has also developed applications with Open source tech stack like MERN and experimented with AI/ML algorithms. He has been deeply involved in the Bitcoin protocol for the last 3 years and also has experimented with various other blockchains like Ethrereum Hyperledger and Ripple.

He has also been a panel member at a couple of conferences organized by Alliance University on blockchain and AI. In his leisure time he likes to attend workshops and conferences and likes to play chess.

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