Children’s online life is different from those of grown-ups, if their online safety is a constant worry this book is a great resource to use. It tells you the kind of trouble children can get into when they are online, and suggests simple yet effective ways to deal with such situations. JaagoTeens has written a book based on their live interactions with students, and most of the examples given here are true incidents. Schools have been inviting them for repeat sessions because they are aware of the issues plaguing students of various age groups, and are able to address the same. This book is a must-read for every parent, teacher or child who wants to avoid the temptations and perils of cyberspace.


A Must read to avoid the temptations and perils of cyberspace


  • Understand that the Internet is a very public space, with our online lives and real-world lives closely intertwined, each affecting the other.
  • Importance of Netiquette, good etiquettes when online, and the importance of leaving clean digital footprints.
  • Tips for protection of very young kids (5yr-8 yr), when online.
  • Cyber-bullying/online abuse: staying away from online abuse and steps to deal with cyber abuse.
  • Identifying and keeping potential online predators and pedophiles at a distance.
  • Knowing what information is considered personal information and why it is to be kept private.


  • Awareness of the IT Act, including clauses that deal with hacking, impersonation, stealing of another’s online data, cyberbullying, etc.
  • Gaining knowledge of (post-Nirbhaya) women-centric laws to tackle online sexual harassment, voyeurism and stalking.
  • Concept of plagiarism and the importance of avoiding plagiarism and copyright violation.
  • To modify the privacy settings on FaceBook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, to ensure one’s personal safety. 


This Book is a useful resource for anyone who wishes to know about Internet Safety. It can be used to introduce internet safety to students to ensure that safety becomes second-nature to them.