Blazor is a new, open-source, and SPA web framework that allows you to build a web application using C# and HTML. Blazor enables you to write C# code instead of JavaScript.
This book is a comprehensive guide about the new modern Blazor framework. It begins with an introduction to the Blazor and its components and concepts. It explains how you can start the development process, what tools you can use to develop an application, and how you can deploy it. You will then learn more about Databind, Eventbinding, layout, routing, JavaScript interop, and Dependency Injection. Concepts such as Authentication and authorization, error handling are also covered. Towards the end, you will learn how to deploy your Single Page Application Using Blazor.

Learn how to create and deploy a SPA in C# with Blazor

Key Features
  • Get familiar with the basic and advanced concepts of the Blazor framework
  • Understand how to implement JavaScript interop in Blazor
  • Learn how to inject the service dependency in Blazor
  • Learn how to implement security using Authentication and authorization
  • Deploy and host your Blazor app on IIS and Azure
What Will You Learn
  • Explore and use a various way to create a Blazor component
  • Get familiar with the working of Data Binding, Event Binding, Layouts, Routing, and Validation
  • Learn how to invoke JavaScript functions from .NET methods
  • Preserving State in Server-Side Blazor applications
  • Authentication and Authorization using Facebook API & Google API
  • Host and Deploy your Blazo app on IIS and Azure
Who This Book is For
This book is for web developers who want to use Blazor to build web apps. This book will also help and guide web developers who are currently using Blazor.