Kickstart your child's coding journey with Scratch


  • Get familiar with the fundamentals of Scratch programming.
  • Understand and work with the design principles in Scratch.
  • Learn how to create fun games in Scratch.


Scratch is a free, visually engaging programming tool for teaching simple programming concepts to the kids. This programming language helps the kids to create simple programs and games in a fun and playful way. 

“Fun Games with Scratch 3.0” is carefully crafted to help budding learners and coding enthusiasts get started with programming. The book starts with the basics of Scratch programming and its principles. The initial animation projects set the much-needed foundations in storytelling and feature design. You will also learn how to use advanced Scratch programming to make high-quality games. Throughout the book, you will build interesting games like Maze Runner, Apple Dash & Hungry Worm.

By the end of the book, you will be able to program animations, stories and games with Scratch.


  • Get familiar with the basic programming concepts.
  • Learn how to use different block types in Scratch.
  • Work with different Scratch paradigms like code tiles, costumes and sounds.
  • Learn how to create a Story tutorial in Scratch.
  • Explore and use some advanced functions within Scratch.


If you are looking to introduce your kid to coding, then we recommend this book. It is also suitable for kids who love to build their own coding projects.