If you wish to have a bright future in any profession today, you cannot ignore having sound foundation in Information Technology (IT). Hence, you cannot ignore to have this book because it provides comprehensive coverage of all important topics in IT. Foundations of Computing is designed to introduce through a single book the important concepts of the Foundation Courses in Computer Science (CS), Computer Applications (CA), and Information Technology (IT) programs taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


  • Characteristics, Evolution and Classification of computers.
  • Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Number systems, Computer codes and Binary arithmetic.
  • Boolean algebra, Logic gates, Flip-Flops, and Design of Combinational and Sequential Circuits.
  • Computer architecture, including design of CPU, Memory, Secondary storage, and I/O devices.
  • Computer software, how to acquire software, and the commonly used tools and techniques for planning, developing, implementing, and operating software systems.
  • Programming languages, Operating systems, Communication technologies, Computer networks, Multimedia computing, and Information security.
  • Database and Data Science technologies.
  • The Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), E-Governance, Geo- informatics, Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics, and many more.


  • Students of CS, CA and IT will find the book suitable for use as a textbook or reference book.
  • Professionals will find it suitable for use as a reference book for topics in CS, CA and IT.
  • Applicants preparing for various entrance tests and competitive examinations will find it suitable for clearing their concepts of CS, CA and IT.
  • Anyone else interested in developing a clear understanding of the important concepts of various topics in CS, CA and IT will also find this book useful.