A complete guide to enterprise blockchain implementation using Hyperledger Fabric. In 2016, enterprise “blockchain” was a new concept. There were very few players in the private permission blockchain space. The advent of Hyperledger Fabric has since brought its tech in front of the likes of multi-national companies across various sectors like banking, insurance, retail, and more. Corporations and startups, across the globe, have started moving towards Hyperledger Fabric to find new use cases to support business requirements efficiently. As a result, relevant technical expertise and knowledge is required to build and support solutions on Hyperledger Fabric. This book aims to equip you with enough knowledge of enterprise blockchain platforms in conjunction with skills to use Fabric in order to succeed in the role of a Blockchain developer or Subject Matter Expert.

The book starts with a brief introduction to the world of blockchain. The book will cover all aspects of fabric ranging from network setup, to use case deployment and testing. Several examples have been covered in this book which will provide you a hands-on understanding of the subject. You will also learn to use the basic functions, libraries, and packages required in a Fabric business network deployment.

A step-by-step guide to understanding the business implementation of Hyperledger Fabric 

Key Features
  • Learn the basics of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology from a business and enterprise perspective
  • Understand the advantages of Hyperledger Fabric and get acquainted with its architecture and tools used
  • Acquire skills to create, deploy and interact with Chaincode in Node.js
  • Learn to set up a new Hyperledger Fabric network
  • Demystify Chaincode, in Fabric, for developers and operators
  • Develop knowledge to invoke Chaincode from Fabric SDK and create APIs
  • Get acquainted with the production environment for Fabric business networks

What Will You Learn
  • This book will help the reader learn techniques for developing enterprise applications using Hyperledger Fabric. It will also help understand why blockchain is being regarded as a game-changing technology within the business world. The reader will learn to deploy Fabric based business networks and chain codes and will come across case studies to put their knowledge to practice and solve real-life business problems using Hyperledger Fabric. 
Who This Book is For
The book is intended for anyone looking for a career in blockchain, all aspiring Hyperledger Fabric SMEs who want to learn the most powerful innovation of the current time or working professionals who want to switch their career to the blockchain by using Hyperledger Fabric – one of the most commonly used business platforms for blockchain. While no prior knowledge of Blockchain or Fabric is assumed, it will be helpful to have some programming experience.