A guide to understand the potential of Intelligent Automation across businesses and enterprises.


  • A comprehensive discussion of key concepts, techniques, and key elements of intelligent automation.
  • Expert coverage on combining various technologies, including RPA, AI, Blockchain, and IoT.
  • Includes case studies and use cases for successful automation applications.
  • Precise guidance on how to scale automation in enterprises.


'Intelligent Automation Simplified' guides tech professionals to take a much more simplified and sophisticated step towards developing intelligent automation. This book will explain the basic concepts of smart automation and how to put it into practice for a company.

This book explores each stage of automation design and explains how these automation fragments can be brought together in the end-to-end automation of workflow. This book discusses numerous examples and scenarios that will help relate and understand how technology can be used in real life to solve business problems. This book provides a lot of information and insights and helps readers grasp the methodology used to develop an automation solution correctly. With detailed illustrations and real use-cases, you will be able to easily create smart automation solutions and practice how to modify them.

Towards the end, the book describes how smart automation expands in a company and discusses the various strategies for large-scale use. The book also highlights the latest trends in intelligent automation and its progress into the future of work. 


  • Learn about the essential and primary components of intelligent automation.
  • Investigate the capabilities of RPA and AI in the development of Intelligent Automation solutions.
  • Recognize the factors that will help you choose the best processes for automation.
  • Learn how to use the framework to create an Intelligent Automation solution.
  • Create a blueprint to scale automation in the enterprise.
  • Discover the most recent Intelligent Automation trends from industry experts.


This book is intended for current and future technical professionals who want to learn about Intelligent Automation, plan, and implement it in an enterprise or consult with clients. Readers should be familiar with the software development workflow and have a basic understanding of advanced technologies such as AI and RPA.