Mastering advanced JavaScript to build modern next-generation web applications.


  • A simplified explanation of complex concepts to create powerful and flexible web applications.
  • Learn testing JavaScript code, regular expressions, fetching data, and many more with ES6.
  • A full-fledged section dedicated to developing an application using JavaScript.


Decoding JavaScript will take the users on an eventful journey of simplifying and understanding advanced concepts of JavaScript. Since JavaScript is the core programming language for almost every interaction on the web, this book will make it easier for readers to develop modern cutting-edge web applications.  

The book begins with a quick recap of the fundamental JavaScript (JS) concepts like the syntax of JS, data types, operators, conditionals, looping, functions, arrays, objects, and so on. The readers will also explore the handy Chrome Developers’ Tools.  

This book will also help readers learn and implement important concepts like how to connect to the servers, fetching data like images, user information, videos, etc. from the server, and displaying it on the web page. Besides that, users will learn about impactful concepts like testing JavaScript code, regular expressions, and exploring the popular ES6 and the versions beyond. Most importantly, this book will help you with the best JavaScript practices followed by companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to develop a live application right from scratch.


  • Build dynamic web applications interacting with servers using Vanilla.
  • Improve code efficiency by learning advanced concepts of JavaScript.
  • Get acquainted with best practices adopted by industry leaders, including Google and Facebook. 
  • Get access to work with popular libraries like ReactJS, jQuery, Angular, Ember, and Vue.


This book is for aspiring web developers and fairly experienced JavaScript developers who want to create modern web and server applications. Prior knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential to begin with this book.