Sujit Kumar Mishra is an experienced Sr. Software Engineer, who for the past seven years has been working with customers and partners designing technology solutions. In his career, Sujit Kumar Mishra has presented at key IT events such as C# .Net, Java (Android), PHP and database SQL Server, MySQL, etc. He has also worked in senior software roles and project management roles for Tata Steel, BPCL, Sun pharma, and KPMG.

In 2020, Sujit Kumar Mishra founded his Website,, where he works today, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

 Sujit Kumar Mishra is also written four other books. Mysterious Island Zoya (Novel), Dot net & MVC interview questions: Interview preparation, how to be rich, and One Day Mathematics, which is published in 2019.

Outside work, Sujit Kumar Mishra is an Actor who is worked on TV & Bollywood Movies.  

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