Self-identified as a data nerd, Dominick Raimato has had a huge passion for identifying insights and building solutions. You never know what kind of data projects he might be working on such as tracking temperature and humidity trends in his house to building adatabase of property assessments to make sure his house is in line with other properties to avoid overpaying taxes. Passionate about people, Dominick strives to create solutions that not just help achieve business objectives, but also make people’s lives better. If he can help someone get home earlier to eat dinner with their family or eliminate time consuming tasks so they can focus on more important things, he is in his element.

Dominick currently lives in Bergen County, NJ where he can be found around the house working on projects or cooking in the kitchen. His specialty dishes include his homemade meat sauce in the winter and pulled pork bar-b-que on his smoker during the summer. He also ventures into New York City frequently to see his wife perform as a flutist with small ensembles, orchestras, and theaters.