Pooja Kelgaonkar is a distinguished figure in the realm of data, stands as one of the Snowflake data superheroes, boasting nearly two decades of experience in the field. She has honed her expertise through diverse roles on various data platforms and distributed systems, emerging as a specialist in data modernization. Currently serving as Senior Data Architect at Rackspace Technology in Toronto. As a key data resource, she leads the data implementations, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance, ultimately contributing to the success and satisfaction of the clients.

Her commitment to knowledge extends beyond her professional role, as she is also the founder of an edutech platform. She is a strong advocate for knowledge sharing and community growth. Her commitment is evident in her contributions to the tech community through blogs on Snowflake and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These insightful articles are regularly featured on Google and Snowflake community pages, solidifying her position as a thought leader.

Pooja's passion for community growth extends beyond the digital arena; she thrives as a public speaker, frequently participating in events, conferences, and tech webinars. Her involvement in these platforms allows her to share her wealth of knowledge and insights, contributing to the collective learning of the community. Pooja's multifaceted engagement with data, education, and community development showcases a profound commitment to advancing the field and empowering those within it.