After his study in Journalism, Jeroen Mulder (born in 1970) started his career as editor for the economic pages of Dutch agricultural newspapers. From 1998, he got involved in internet projects for Reed Business Information, in creating websites and digital platforms. Highly attracted by the possibilities of the new digital era and the booming business of internet, Jeroen decided to pursue a career in digital technologies. In 2000, he joined the IT company Origin, as communication specialist in a group designing and developing cross media platforms. Origin evolved to AtoS where he fulfilled many roles, lastly as principal architect.

In 2017, he joined the Japanese IT services company Fujitsu as Senior Lead Architect, with focus on cloud and cloud native technology. From May 2020, he held the position of Head of Applications and Multi-Cloud Services for Fujitsu Netherlands, leading a group of frontrunners in digital transformation. Then Philips knocked on his door. In 2021 and 2022, he was assigned Principal Cloud Architect at Philips Precision Diagnosis. Yet, Jeroen returned to Fujitsu in the summer of 2022 as Principal Consultant for the Global Technology Solutions Business Group, focusing on hybrid IT.