Aryan Chaudhary is the Research Head and lead member (the research project launched by Nijji Healthcare Pvt Ltd). He focuses on implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT (Internet of Things), cognitive technology, and blockchain to better the healthcare sector. He has published academic papers in public health and digital health in international journals and has participated as a keynote speaker at many international and national conferences. His research includes the integration of IoT and sensor technology for gathering vital signs through one-time/ambulatory monitoring and then the functionality of artificial intelligence, machine learning leading to big data analytics for faster intervention, tracking of prognosis, and research on these vast data for effective clinical research for future development of treatment, drug, pathological tests, and supply systems. He is the editor of many books in biomedical science and the Chief Editor of a CRC book series. He also serves as the guest editor of many special issues in reputed journals. He has been awarded as Most Inspiring Young Leader in Healthtech Space 2022 by Business Connect and the Best Project Leader of Global Education and Corporate Leadership. He is a senior member of many international associations in science & brand ambassador of Bentham Science.

Raman Chadha, Ph.D., (Computer Science & Engineering) has more than 23 years in the field of CSE and is working at Chandigarh University in the post of Professor (CSE). He is a member of the Computer Society of India, International Journal of Research Review in Engineering Science, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, International Journal of Technology and Computing, and chief editor of the Journal of Engineering Design and Analysis. He has filed approximately 20 patents in the field of computer science, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Dr. Chadha has published more than 50 research papers in Scopus, WoS, and UGC Care lists. He has also been honored at NITTTR, Chandigarh, and given an outstanding research award for his contribution to the field of sustainable development. He has also been selected two times as a judge at hackathons, which are usually day-long (can be 36 hours, 48 hours, etc.) coding competitions. He was also honored for his research work in IRSD as an international forum that provides the most coveted interdisciplinary research platform to address issues pertaining to all areas of sustainability. Dr. Chadha also earned the Professional Certificates on Coursera and LinkedIn Platform, which are highly demanding, acknowledging proficiency in Python, Blockchain, Full Stack Web Development, AI, and Data Science. Many programs also provide a pathway to industry-recognized certification.