Pranav Joshi has over 20 years of Information and Cybersecurity experience in leading and delivering large-scale projects for clients in diverse business verticals such as banking, finance, national stock exchanges, insurance, energy, petrochemical, retail, media, advertising, e-commerce, IT & ITES, government, defense, including Fortune 100 companies. In his previous role, he has been responsible for managing the security of information assets, infrastructure, and applications covering 65 countries significantly reducing compliance-related incidents.

He is credited for the discovery of several disclosed and undisclosed security vulnerabilities in many popular enterprise products, which have been published by leading cybersecurity corporates, professional bodies, and governmental agencies such as IBM Xforce, SecurityFocus, ExploitDB, National Vulnerability Database - US Department of Commerce, CyberSecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency – US Department of Homeland Security.

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Deepayan Chanda, a seasoned cybersecurity professional, architect, cybersecurity strategist, and advisor has a strong intent to solve cybersecurity problems for enterprises. He is driven by more than 24 years of diverse security domain experience and creates a balance between security and business goals. He has worked for the Indian Air Force. Currently, he is working with National Australia Bank. Previously, he has worked with Standard Chartered Bank and many major products and security MNCs by demonstrating strong leadership in driving security projects and solutions along with significant contributions to the industry as a mentor and advisors to many cybersecurity start-ups and authoring books.

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