Abhishek Bhattacharya has been a 2x Blockchain Entrepreneur and an Advisor with several startups where he primarily looks into Smart Contract Auditing and putting cybersecurity protocols in place. He has been a Department Editor at XRDS for over 4 years, and also contributes to ACM US TPC, which focuses primarily on advising the U.S. Government on cybersecurity and other policies. His first book was on Information Technology back in 2014. He has been a Speaker in Blockchain and a Contributing Author with HackerNoon and CoinTelegraph, among others. He is an Educator with ODEM. He is an Advisor with IIB Council’s Blockchain Advisory Board, which is present across 145 countries.

Srinivas Mahankali is a Principal Consultant (Blockchain) at NISG, India. He previously headed the Blockchain Centre of Excellence at ULTS (ULCCS) group and is the Program Director for Blockchain in Technology and Management at Amity Online. He is Six Sigma Certified, NCFM Level 2 Certified in Capital Markets, and R3 Corda Certified. He has an MBA from the prestigious IIM Bangalore. His earlier book, Blockchain – The Untold Story, ranked as a bestseller on Amazon and was the world’s first book to be translated to Chinese by AI bots.

Gokul B. Alex is an Engineer, Economist and Educator experimenting with emerging and exponential technologies. He loves the creative convergence of programming, philosophy, poetry, psychology, physics with passion and perspectives. He is one of the global 100 Blockchain Experts selected by the LATTICE80 Network. He is a top 20 global thought leader on AI, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Data Science, Design Thinking, Enterprise Architecture, Quantum Computing and EduTech, FinTech, GovTech, HealthTech as ranked by Thinkers360 Platform. His early affair with Blockchain started with explorations on Bitcoin protocol during his stint with IBM and EY in 2013. He has started working on Bitcoin, Multichain, Eris, and Ripple in 2015. He had set up a Blockchain Educational Network in South India in 2016. He developed the first prototype in Hyperledger 0.4 in 2016. He had quickly moved to Ethereum Stack in 2016. He has set up the largest Hedera Hashgraph Community in India. He started working with ZCash, Monero, and RSK in 2017. He runs the ZCash Kerala Community. He has joined Algorand foundation as the first Ambassador from India fascinated by its cryptography. Fascinated by Blockchain Privacy and Security Models, he joins Elixxir Blockchain Platform Ecosystem known as XX Collective. He is an advisor to numerous Blockchain StartUps and Entrepreneurs across the world.