Top 8 Websites Built Using Django Web Framework

Django is an open-source Python-based framework for backend web application development. It is a toolkit with all the components required for application development. Django is an easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable web application framework that is well-maintained and widely used industry-wide. 

Django web framework helps to create highly scalable web applications and websites. Let's have a look at a few popular websites built using Django.


Instagram is the world's largest deployment of the Django web framework, built entirely on Python.


Spotify is one of the leading music streaming services, which has over 271 million subscribers worldwide. It uses Python and Django for Backend Web Development.


YouTube uses Django as it takes less time to implement new features and upgrades making it one of the easiest and popular frameworks to work with.

The Washington Post

The hugely popular online news site, The Washington Post,  is built using Django. It is one of the most visited sites during morning peak hours. It recorded 86.6 million unique visitors in March 2019.


Bitbucket, a web-based Git Solution, is written in Python using the Django framework. In 2019, Bitbucket had around 10 million registered users.


Dropbox, one of the most popular file storage and sharing services, uses Django for backend application development.

National Geographic

National Geographic uses GeoQ, a Django web application, to collect geographic structured observations across a large area.


Mozilla, one of the popular browsers, is built on Python and Django. Django also powers the Mozilla support website and its add-ons. 

If you are looking to create and design your website using Django, check “Designing Microservices using Django” book. To know more about the latest releases in Django, check the Django documentation contents page.