A Quick Tour of Azure Serverless Computing Services

Serverless Computing is the newest cloud hosting and execution model offered by cloud vendors. It is widely adopted by Cloud Architects to build highly scalable new generation cloud solutions. It is inexpensive and comes with a lot of useful features that classic cloud hosting models may not offer. Serverless Computing model is used by cloud giants like Microsoft and Amazon to build their in-house products. 

Microsoft's Azure Serverless Computing Services offers an array of best in class Serverless offerings that help to build robust Serverless solutions. It offers integration and messaging services that help Serverless components interact with each other. You can build Enterprise-grade secured Serverless solutions with ease without putting much effort. Azure offers an excellent mechanism to monitor and diagnose these services.

Overview of Azure Serverless Computing Services 

Microsoft Azure offers an array of services to build Serverless applications. Provisioning these services is easy with less overhead. Microsoft Azure provides an end to end mechanism to build, test, deploy, and monitor Serverless services. The following services help you build Serverless solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Azure Functions

Azure Functions are Function as a Service (FaaS) offering from Microsoft Azure. Azure Functions execute business logic without having to provision the underlying infrastructure or hosting environment. It provides serverless compute capability in a complete solution ecosystem. You can build Serverless Architecture with Azure Functions with ease. 

Azure Durable Functions

Azure Functions are stateless. Durable Functions are extensions of Azure Functions that make Azure Functions Stateful. Orchestrator Function, a component of Durable Functions, helps to build Stateful Functions. Durable Functions are an excellent mechanism for developers who are more comfortable to build workflows programmatically.

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based orchestration service that orchestrates business processes, tasks, and workflows. This service facilitates building scalable Enterprise-level integration of Application and Data components.

Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid is a Serverless service that enables developers to build event-driven solutions with ease. It is a real-time event processing system that can scale massively. As this service is serverless, you need not worry about the underlying infrastructure and the hosting environment or the scaling needs.

Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus is a Message Integration Broker that provides messaging solutions at an Enterprise Level. It supports point to point durable messaging service using Azure Service Bus Queue.

Azure Serverless SQL Database

Azure Serverless SQL Database is a relatively new Azure Serverless offering. It is a highly scalable single database that can scale out on demand whenever the load is high and scale automatically whenever the load reduces. The underlying platform helps to scale.

Azure Serverless Kubernetes

Azure Serverless Kubernetes is a relatively new Serverless offering from Azure. The adoption of containers is growing at a breakneck pace. You can package your applications as container images and keep them securely in a private container registry. 

Azure serverless solutions help to boost developer productivity, optimise resources and accelerate the pace of innovation. 

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Azure Serverless Computing

Key Features

  • Learn the Function as a Service (FaaS) offering from Microsoft Azure
  • Build Enterprise-grade workflows and integration using Azure Logic App
  • Build event-driven Serverless solutions using Azure Event Grid
  • Use Azure Service Bus to facilitate messaging between Azure Serverless components
  • Implement advanced Serverless services such as Azure Serverless SQL Database and Azure Serverless Kubernetes

By the end, you will be able to design and build Azure Serverless solutions using all the concepts you learned in this book.

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