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Machine Learning with Python
Rs. 330 Rs. 297
Author: Abhishek Vijayvargia ISBN: 9789386551931 Pages: 267, Edition: 1st 2018 Paperback Territory: Worldwide  *It includes the CD which has Machine Learning Algorithms...
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Programming In Python By Dr. Pooja Sharma
Rs. 249 Rs. 225
Author: Dr. Pooja Sharma Features: Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: BPB Publications ISBN: 9789386551276 Edition: 2017 Pages: 312 Dimension: 23 X 15 X 1.5 cm Description: This Book...
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Test Your Skills In Python Language By Shivani Goel
Rs. 180 Rs. 162
Author: Shivani Goel Features: Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: BPB Publications ISBN: 9788183334686 Edition: 2017 Pages: 138 Dimension: 23 X 15 X 1 cm Description: This book...
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Let Us Python
Rs. 225 Rs. 203
ISBN: 9789388511568 Pages: 255 Edition: Ist /2019 Weight: 351gm Python is Future, Embrace It Fast Learn Python Quickly A Programmer-Friendly...
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Python Training Guide
Rs. 197 Rs. 177
  Description   This book provides an overview of the major aspects and the source code to use Python and...
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Python Interview Questions -Ultimate Guide to Success
Rs. 297 Rs. 267
Price: Rs. 297/- Author: Meenu Kohli, ISBN# 9789388176743 Pages : 284, Edition: 1st/ 2019 Weight: 210gm, Binding: Paperback Length: 23x15x1.8gm,...
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Data Science with Machine Learning -Python Interview Questions
Rs. 249 Rs. 225
Price: Rs. 249/- Author: Vishwanathan Narayanan ISBN# 9789388176637 Pages : 144, Edition: 1st/ 2019, Weight: 210gm, Binding Paperback Length: 23x15x1.8 cm,...
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Python In Easy Steps
Rs. 225 Rs. 202
 ISBN-9789388176361 Price-225/- Pages-192 Author- Mike McGrath Description- The creation of this book has been for me, Mike McGrath, an exciting...
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Computer Science with Python Language Made Simple- CBSE Class XI- Code-083 with Free Python Video Course
Rs. 498 Rs. 448
ISBN- 978-93-88176-22-4 Author - Prof Satish Jain pages-598 BOOK WITH FREE PYTHON VIDEO COURSE The complete textbook for Class XI CBSE Code:083...
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Natural Computing with Python
Rs. 499 Rs. 449
ISBN: 9789388511612 Pages: 278 Weight: 480gm Edition: Ist/2019   DESCRIPTION   Learn to implement genetic and evolutionary algorithms to solve problems in...
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Python Made Simple: Learn Python programming in easy steps with examples
Coming Soon
  ISBN: 9789388511025 Price: Rs. 399/- Pages: 366 Edition: Ist/2019 Paperback     DESCRIPTION In the last few years, python...