Soft Skills: Personality Development for Life Success (With CD)

Soft Skills: Personality Development for Life Success (With CD)

Author: Prashant Sharma
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  • ISBN: 9789388511414
  • Pages: 264
  • Dimension: 23x15x1.5cm
  • Weight: 425gm
  • Edition: 2nd/2019 Revised & Updated Second Edition


Book Title Soft Skills: Personality Development for Life Success (With CD)
Type Book
Date Published Jan 30, 2018
  • ISBN: 9789388511414
  • Pages: 264
  • Dimension: 23x15x1.5cm
  • Weight: 425gm
  • Edition: 2nd/2019 Revised & Updated Second Edition


*A New Chapter on Neuromarketing & the Art of Promoting Yourself
*The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Potential
*Time Management, Public Speaking, First Impression, Professionalism, Etiquette, Negotiation, Job Interview, Group Discussion, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Creativity, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence
Research by top Universities like Harvard has shown that soft skills account for almost 80% of Life Success. It is a fact that academic knowledge or hard skills do not guarantee success in the workplace. In the real world, professional success depends majorly on developing relationship skills or people skills. Also known as soft skills. 
This book aims to impart high-impact soft skills to the reader in an accelerated time frame.  It has been proven time and again that Personality Development is a function of high Emotional Intelligence (EI).  A focus on EI leads to an increase in Emotional Quotient (EQ). Developing one’s EQ need not be a life long pursuit. It is possible to increase one’s EQ by practicing the concepts shown in the book.
As an experienced Life and Business Coach to corporate executives, the author highlights frequently committed mistakes by others and suggests ways to avoid these. Thereby saving the reader valuable time, money and effort
The book imparts proven coaching techniques and takes the reader on a journey towards exceptional leadership and management.  No boring theory, no wasted time. Life changing frameworks are showcased through case studies and examples. These help the reader to apply it to immediately their lives and keep for life.
The book is like a GPS for the reader, where they are able to visualize the quickest ways to reach their desired goals. 
Experts Quotes | Learning Milestones | Learning Mastery: The Essentials of the topic | Case In Point: Real World examples for the application of the concepts | Illustrations and Graphics | Knowledge Check | Case Studies | Applied Knowledge based on the Case Studies | Business Jargon and startup terminologies | English Vocabulary Building

The book contains a chapter on Neuromarketing which is a derivative of Neuroscience that combines two powerful triggers for human buying behavior: Marketing and Psychology.

•       A knowledge of neuromarketing helps the reader to get a headstart over their competition.
•       Neuroscience enables the reader to gain more visibility in the workplace for their efforts and work.
•       It helps prospective candidates to prepare and influence recruiters and leadership.
•       It provides professionals who don’t have a background on sales to effectively `sell’ their skills.
•       Using neuromarketing helps the readers to handle difficult people, establish rapport and relationships and become expert people managers. 
CD contains….CD has all new content, Essential Soft Skills training for Life Success. Through a series of videos, the author shares corporate tips and provides coaching for career advancement and realization of personal goals.
Chapter 1: Soft Skills: An Overview
Chapter 2: Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 3: Self-Image Management
Chapter 4: Team Building and Cooperation
Chapter 5: Time Management and Goal Setting
Chapter 6: Communication Skills
Chapter 7: Verbal Communication Part 1
Chapter 7: Verbal Communication Part 2
Chapter 9: Non-Verbal Communication
Chapter 10: Level 2: Career
Chapter 11: Level 3: Courtesy & Habits
Chapter 12: Resume Writing & Job Applications
Chapter 13: Group Discussion
Chapter 14: Personal Interview and Interactions
Chapter 15: Neuromarketing: The Art of Promoting Yourself

Prashant Sharma Life Coach, Master Soft Skills Facilitator and Behavioural Trainer, Ed-Tech Entrepreneur Conducted his first training program in 1996 when he was invited by the New Delhi YMCA to lead a course in Public Speaking & Effective Communication. The Times of India too has recognized this achievement. Prashant has extensive expertise in mentoring leaders, inspiring professionals and has helped thousands of students realize their true potential. Prashant is a First Prize Diploma holder in Public Speaking from the Nazareth’s Speakers Academy, Mumbai and a B.Com from the Sydenham College, Mumbai. Upon completion of his Masters in Management from the University of Massachusetts, USA, he returned to India to be part of the Indian post-liberalization story. His first job with the Taj Group of Hotels as Duty Manager made him realize the disparity between the soft skills of the average Indian vis-a-vis the people in the West. Prashant rightly predicted that this lack of soft skills would be a great hindrance to the employability of our Indian graduates and soon started personality development training. He has been an entrepreneur with international exposure to diverse verticals greatly adding to his knowledge and expertise. This entrepreneurial experience has helped him sharpen his sales and marketing instincts Prashant develops and delivers his own content. His training is based entirely out of his extensive real-world professional experience backed by solid management concepts.  His programs are based on his in-house developed Learning Internalisation Feedback- Evaluation (LIFE) Model.

He specializes in all kinds of soft skills & behavioral training. Prashant has conducted programs pan-India for professionals from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs to Public Sector Corporations. He is a visiting faculty at prestigious training institutions like HIPA (training IAS/IPS officers), INGAF-Min. Of Finance, SBI Gurukul, etc. Prashant has also been invited to educational institutions like Symbiosis SCHMRD, Ansals University, Subharti University, etc. as Visiting Faculty for speaking to students on the merits of Soft Skills.

Prashant is currently setting up a chain of soft skills training franchisee centers pan- India, the first of which opened in Faizabad-Ayodhya in July 2014. A successful in-school program called SuperSkills is being rolled out pan-India. The focus is on creating employability skills and soft skills in children at the school stage