Must have Data Architect Skills You Need To Get Hired In 2021

A Data Architect provides support to Data Engineers to carry out various tests with precision by using various tools and platforms. It’s very important for a Data Architect to be well versed in Data Modeling and Data Warehousing. Other additional skills required by a Data Architect are Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL), and should have hands-on experience with scalable tools such as Hive, Pig, and Spark.

A few of the prominent work a Database Administrator is involved in are:

  • Designing data models.
  • Developing database solutions.
  • Providing structural requirements for new software applications.
  • Managing data migration and optimization of database systems.
  • Providing Management Information System (MIS) support.
  • Administering system performance by troubleshooting, testing, and assimilating new elements.

The main task of Data Architects is to design and implement database systems, data models, and components of data architecture. Data Architects should have a vast knowledge of various kinds of data available, both offline and in the cloud environment. Also, he/she possesses the capability of managing data warehouses and ETL operations.

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